Tavoy to the Thai Border

Airborne (helicopter) LiDAR pipeline survey for Total and Conoco Oil, from the Andaman Sea to the Thai border. Mob to Rangoon and then to Tavoy (Dawei) by air. Then moved by military convoy during the water festival to a secure camp further inland. We got extremely wet during the mob.
Flew the Heli the next day to the Thai / Burma border with 5 garbage bags full of money to pass on to the Han rebels so they wouldn’t shoot down our survey helicopter. Met with the rebels. Never seen such a tough bunch of dudes in my life, every thing from scar faces to heavy machine guns, 50 caliber weapons and assorted rpg’s, gernades and bullet belts hanging from every shoulder. Still we couldn’t fly any area until the Burmeese moved hundreds of fighters beneath each flight area to extend our saftey. Absolutely no trusting the rebels. Flights to and from the project area took place at high altitude so as not to place the crew in danger from ground attack. We could also see from the air the use of local slaves suffering in the thousands building the railroad by hand with no machinery or heavy equipment. However beyond the project, the people, temples and coastal areas were extremely beautiful. Be sure to see the Shwe Dagon Pagoda if you ever go to Rangoon.

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