Sniper Snafu

I was visiting my older brother-in-law  in Batangas, that night, 200 terrs hit the giant power station. Several Filipino Air Force guards miraculously held ‘em off, suffering 1 KIA, 1 wounded, until a cleverly-disguised, entire, Philippine army platoon laid-into the fray. The Filipinos are most-always SUPER SOLDIERS!…another reason I keep returning!

At 8am, my brother-in-law, with some alarm, related there was an irritated woman, at the gate, calling for me. He insisted that I not appear. It was just he & I at home, my then four troopers were hours away. Only one man had a firearm,…it wasn’t me. As I strolled toward the gate, I did grab my stout staff. While most displeased by my presence, she was taken by my fairly-good Tagalog. I speak some of 4 tongues, euro & asian. I parried but in a consoling tone, as we went at it; Tagalog & English. Things did diffuse, and I denoted a brief flicker of almost regret, in her demeanor. However, she was bait for the sniper team. Yet at the final moment of drama, our ‘boy-shooter’ suddenly was paid massive, external-internal trauma, by ‘some friends’ of unknown origin, and ‘Missy’ melted into the morning traffic. The power plant fight made global headlines, playing in the Philippines, for at least a week. When my beautiful wife returned, she was moved, of course, suggesting an early return to the states, but I had dire business at Ft. Stotsenburg; our HQ. Mental recall also harkened me back to being chosen ‘Point Man’, (like a Scout), for our patrol of paratroopers, in bush area we called “Sniperville”, years earlier, in another asian war; God sparing me then, also, though an officer had been killed the day before. Yet that story will cost you a nickel, a bottle of good Port, and maybe dinner at a french eatery, perhaps in “The Paris of The East.” Cheers, Your Obedient Defender,
‘El Paladin’

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