Amazing and Imperfect

Thailand is an advanced society. The country has a very strong infrastructure of highways, electricity and most things you would expect in the modern world. Many small businesses abound modestly supporting these lovely people. Like all places, there are people down on their luck, like new mothers and the elderly. As a tourist you can expect to be respected and participate in your own exploration without having too many people surround you at once. Most Thai people have their own agenda already. Medical care is very good, not cheap but affordable and perhaps a bit over rated. I experienced an odd event during sciatic treatment in Bumrungrad Hospital while performing an epidural on me, my physician answered his ringing cell phone. Government and banks have a an honest majority, but sadly are peppered with corruption. Large deposits of cash should be avoided in Thailand banks as you may never get it back. Major cities have ATM’s and bankers where you can get THB currency at a retail level of exchange. Sending packages via Thai Post is not advised. UPS is way better.

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