Adventure of my LIFE

Many of the people have dreams, but who achieves them becomes legend in the history of their lifes.
From my early days of my life, i used to have most dangareous dreams. Some are alone on the earth, all animals against me etc.,
The place is Araku valley, vizag. This place is famous for its nature, weather, hilltops, waterfalls., etc.,
Katika waterfalls is a typical place where a few can enjoy. Because at the evenings the temperature falls down, the water freezes. I enjoy the journey alot. Travel expences are high than a middle class people can effort. We should have to travel 8km to reach there from main road of Borra caves, 7km by a jeep or tempo and 1km on foot. The way is very dangareous, and finally we completed 7km, and 1km is front of us. We have much excited, and we started running but it is not enough. And finally we reached. I completed my 1st adventure im my life, i want to reach my dream to migrate throughout the world. My journey contines……………!!!!!!!!!

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