DPTV Channel

March 3, 2011


DPTV is your media destination to catch up on Robert’s adventures and interviews. Here you can watch interviews of Robert… More

CBC News (Dec 2010): War-zone vacations pitched to tourists ADVENTURES

January 21, 2011

Think of a packaged vacation and Iraq likely doesn’t come to mind. But a Swiss-based travel agency is offering just… More

Cultural Engagement Journeys ADVENTURES

January 20, 2011

Robert Young Pelton and Babel Travel have teamed up to create their new Cultural Engagement trips – the first organized entries into the world’s most dangerous and forbidden places. link to Adventures section. More


January 20, 2011

Journey from Khartoum to the ancient pyramids in Meroe, meet and work with the people of Darfur and explore the… More

Afghanistan Uncovered ADVENTURES

January 20, 2011

Starting at the historic crossroads of Kabul, we visit the cities of Mazar-I Sharif, Bagram, and Herat, hike the Panjshir… More

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