The Periscope Post (Dec 2010): A vacation to die for?

Planning a Christmas holiday trip? You have already been to Egypt? India is not exotic enough? Safari in Botswana is not a real adventure?

How about Iraq for a change, or Afghanistan, or Somalia, Darfur or Communist North Korea perhaps?

A Swiss travel agency is offering the most dangerous vacation experiences to some wealthy clients. Babel Travel started its Swiss based business recently and is now looking for the first clients to book a trip to a war and conflict zone. In co-operation with US-Journalist Robert Young Pelton (author of “The World’s Most Dangerous Places”), Babel Travel organizes 11-45 day trips to several countries tourists usually avoid – for a good reason. The foreign ministries of almost every Western nation tell tourists not to travel to these regions as the danger of getting kidnapped, killed by bombs, mines or ambushes is high and unnecessary risks are taken…


Source: The Periscope Post

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