Beautiful country

Just back from Cambodia I cannot but suggest to visit the country.
It’s quite safe, people are very friendly and you won’t get in trouble if you don’t act as an asshole.
Just be aware of some things:

First of all malaria and dengue are endemic in almost all the country, and in some Cambodian provinces the agent is the mefloquine resistant strain of Plasmodium, so check if immunization is required before leaving.

Second, mines are a very serious issue out of the cities, so avoid to walk in the country or the forest without advice from the locals if you like to keep both legs.

Third, if you have never been to Southeast Asia, avoid driving, tuktuks for short trips and taxis are cheap.

Fourth, don’t drink water from the tap, or at last bring some water sterilization tabs and you’ll avoid problems.

As you can read everywhere, the healthcare services are quite poor, if you have serious problems just take a a plane to Bangkok as soon as you can.

The country is really cheap, (Phnom Penh is slightly more expensive than other cities) you can eat well for less than $5 in a restaurant and find a nice and clean hotel for about $10 – 15, beer is also very cheap, I liked the Angkor brand, but you’ll found also Beer Lao or Singha in Phnom Penh.
The food is similar to a Thai – Chinese mix, only not very spicy, if you get in the right places you’ll find unusual ingredients, like red ants sauce just to say one that I’ve tried.

Bring a good amount of small USD bills, $1 and $5 are the most useful, you can have problems with $20 bills and greater if they are worn, the bigger the note the newer it shoud be.

Good advice can be found here: (expats forum) (good info)

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