The Savvy Traveler (2004): The Ultimate Emergency Kit, An Interview with Robert Young Pelton

March 21, 2004

My guest today, Robert Young Pelton, is no ordinary traveler. He lives for adventure, going through remote and exotic areas… More

Salon Magazine (2002): The real war on terrorism ADVENTURES

March 21, 2002

Back in December of last year, television viewers watched CNN in disbelief as John Walker Lindh was seen squirming on… More (2001): Robert Young Pelton, Insights into Afghanistan ADVENTURES

October 21, 2001

Robert Young Pelton is an adventure traveler who has spent time in Afghanistan. Considering his many adventures, it’s not surprising… More

The Guardian (1999): Welcome to Chechnya. Welcome to hell ADVENTURES

December 21, 1999

Robert Young Pelton, author of The World’s Most Dangerous Places, left Grozny on Thursday last week, an hour before the… More

Salon Magazine (1999): The art of survival and other stories ADVENTURES

March 21, 1999

“Come Back Alive” covers the gamut of life dangers, beginning unexpectedly but appropriately enough with the home and the highway.… More

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