Verge Magazine (2006): Colouring Outside The Lines, Talking With Filmmaker Robert Young Pelton

March 21, 2006

Robert Young Pelton has found his way into, and out of, more conflict zones than most people can name. Verge… More

Vice Magazine (2005): Journalism Beyond Journalists ADVENTURES

March 21, 2005

Robert Young Pelton used to run a major marketing firm and occasionally take a couple weeks off to go on… More

The Observer (2005): ‘Eat or be eaten…’ ADVENTURES

March 21, 2005

There is an opportunity for all men to get in touch with their masculine selves – the two-week adventure holiday.… More

The Savvy Traveler (2004): The Ultimate Emergency Kit, An Interview with Robert Young Pelton ADVENTURES

March 21, 2004

My guest today, Robert Young Pelton, is no ordinary traveler. He lives for adventure, going through remote and exotic areas… More

Salon Magazine (2002): The real war on terrorism ADVENTURES

March 21, 2002

Back in December of last year, television viewers watched CNN in disbelief as John Walker Lindh was seen squirming on… More

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